Monday, March 03, 2008

Sharia Creep

Kathy's writing about the sneaky trisky little ways the Islams are getting their way, using our nice, friendly, helpful, Christian-based ideas of tolerance and forbearance.

As one blogger observed, “I also like how minorities have ‘rights’ while the majority has a ‘preference.’ And here I was thinking we all had exactly the same rights. How silly of me.”

News stories like these have multiplied exponentially during the past few years. Hardly a day goes by without similar reports, such as Muslim nurses in the UK refusing to roll up their sleeves to scrub up before surgery, claiming that sharia modesty rules trump concerns about contamination.

“It’s all part of the campaign of soft jihad,” wrote Roger Kimball, editor of The New Criterion. “Traditional jihad is waged with scimitars and their contemporary equivalents, e.g., stolen Boeing 767s, which make handy instruments of mass homicide. Soft jihad is a quieter affair: it uses and abuses the language and the principles of democratic liberalism not to secure the institutions and attitudes that make freedom possible but, on the contrary, to undermine that freedom and pave the way for self-righteous, theocratic intolerance.”

The managers of a Dutch swimming pool, meanwhile, have relented on their ban of the Burquini.

I don't know. It's kind of q'ute.

Though, in the spirit of modern kindergarten-style fairness that is all the rage in our democracies, if they can wear those things, then I want one of these:


Anonymous said...

For some odd reason I don't really find the 'burquini' offensive in the least, whereas as what passes as 'swimwear' among 'christians' does.

--Johannes Carolus

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


more or less my point. Being too obscure, I guess.

Anonymous said...

You can get something like it here!
but they do possibly show a bit too much leg!