Friday, March 28, 2008

Ooohhh kaaaay...

I just watched Geert Wilders' film Fitma, or Fitwa, or Islams Like to have Fits, or whatever it's called, and I feel like screaming and crying and running around in little circles,

so now I'm going to take a few ragged breaths, look at pictures of the Big Bunny

and listen to some Jordi Savall

to try to remind myself that those people are not in charge yet.

Today the tag label, "Islamonausea", is not figurative. I don't feel so good. I see that Kathy has changed her blog tag again to read, "Flagrantly Islamophobic". Can I get that on a t-shirt? Can we make it Kevlar?

I saw also that the film "went viral" within moments of its internet release. I read someone today who said that in the time it took him to watch it, post it and comment on it on his blog - about an hour - the viewing stats had gone up by 700,000 hits.

Remember the other day I was saying I felt "vaguely anxious" but wasn't sure why?

I think I got it.

If you hear a news report of some woman discovered curled up in a corner somewhere muttering "bunnybunnybunnybunnybunny", you'll know not to expect any posts at O's P for a while.

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Jeremy said...

I read a story about this farmer a couple of months ago. Apparently he had a visit recently from North Korean diplomats wanting to learn how to breed the giant beasts in order to the feed their population.

Excitied to be helpful, and about a promised trip to Korea to help establish the programme, the farmer worked with the Koreans for days, patiently explaining the procedures.

The scheduled time for their departure came, and the Koreans went. With the rabbits. They never came back for the farmer.

And they never bred the bunnies. They ate them.

Turns out they were a novelty dish at Dear Great Leader's birthday party.

Commie bastards.