Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Storm's a' comin'

So, there's going to be a budget.

I understand that a budget is a critical thing in the British Parliamentary system.

Non-confidence vote anyone?

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df said...

Thought I'd mail you back here. Someone's obviously 'hikjacked' my hotmail, which is a major drag. They sent 250 emails from my account this morning whilst the computer was off! 250 is the max number allowed in 24hrs so now I can't send any more until tomorrow, grrr.
I think it's time to get a new email account. I looked up the filthy people who did this, and they are horrid Chinese. Nothing to be done about it. Thankfully 72 people's accounts recognised the email sent from my account as spam and rejected it. In the short term I have edwardvandenbergh@hotmail.com, but I now can't really trust hotmail. Perhaps Gmail would be better?