Thursday, March 06, 2008

Without a shot being fired

So that’s it then. The EU constitution treaty is all but through the House of Commons, facing merely the formality of Third Reading. At a stroke, much of what remains of the UK’s power of self-government will now be negated and the rest will surely follow in due course. The solemn manifesto pledge by both Labour and the LibDems to give the British people the final say in the surrender of their nation’s sovereign right to rule itself has today been tossed into the garbage, along with what little remains of public trust in politicians. Three LibDem MPs have resigned from the front bench in protest. Who cares? Parliament now becomes Westminster Regional Council in the kingdom of Euroland, continent of Antidemocracya, planet Dystopia. One thousand years of British history have been extinguished without a shot being fired — and until now, in the virtual news blackout resulting from a conspiracy of boredom in the British media.

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