Saturday, March 29, 2008

How's the weather over there?

For all our Kathy-originated Toronto and assorted mid-west visitors, I guess you guys must have pretty much dug yourselves out by now huh?

Ah, how well I remember it. In fact, I quite distinctly remember the Big Snow last year on March 21. Yes sir. That was a doozy.

Just thought I'd mention the weather in Cheshire. Got a bit rainy today, decided to stay in and save the walk for tomorrow.

But I thought now was a good moment for a few pics.
Took these a couple of weekends ago around the village.

...though the plum blossoms are all finished now, of course.

The daffs actually started blooming in January, at least the little white ones. In fact, they line the country lanes here, and grow wild all over the place, masses of them. Nice that no one picks them.

the apple blossoms were the first out. It looks like it will be a good crab apple year.

Yeah, I remember life in Parkdale so well.

Like it was yesterday.


Mark S. Abeln said...

Daffodils in January!

Ours have been open for less than a week, and that is only at Shaw's Garden, where they use special techniques to force them to open early. Those in my parents' garden are still just green shoots.

Anonymous said...

The shot of the daffs reminded me of Jack Knox's comment about Tourism Victoria's policy of sending bunches of them to media outlets across Canada: "Right now, shipping daffodils to Toronto is like giving cutlery to a starving man."
The snow is still piled 3 feet high along the drive here; you're killing me, Hilary.
Otherwise, thanks for an excellent blog!

M. Alexander said...

No one can gloat like you can Hilary. Your wit takes all the sting out of it.

My sisters and I joke about sarcasm being the 8th Sacrament or gift of the Holy Spirit. I'm willing to guess that gloating could well be the 9th.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Thanks Mary,

as to your other question, England suits me as well as I had hoped. Yesterday I walked about ten miles on the Sandstone Ridge and from the top of Bickerton Hill, looked north as far as Liverpool and could see south over Shropshire and down in to Wales,

and I saw that it was good.

Pics later.