Friday, March 14, 2008

David Cameron is a ...

So, I'm working on a Big Important political thing and I've been immersed in the last couple of days in party politics and boring stuff about the budget and the possible fallout. Not that I think the budget is not important, but really, who can figure out what the hell it's all really about?

Anyway, in the midst of all this, I finally had occasion to watch (most of) David Cameron's speech at the party conference in Blackpool that scared Gordon Brown so badly he announced less than a week later there would be no election. (Hey Gordo, when you wake up every morning, do you stick a new target decal on your shoes? or do you just have it painted on permanently?)

Apart from anything important like immigration, human rights law and all that, Cameron mentioned that there were quite a few Facebook groups dedicated to him. "David Cameron's a hottie" and "I hate David Cameron".

I had a look today and some of the titles were indeed quite amusing.

"If David Cameron shows up at Glastonbury Festival we will sacrifice him."

(and eat him?)

David Cameron has a big [effing] head

(very likely he does; most successful politicians and actors do)

David Cameron is a t__.

The get behind David Cameron and make a funny face group

I'm NOT a Tory, but David Cameron is teh SeX!

I Watch BBC America just to see the bloody hot David Cameron...

David Cameron has a big fat orange face

David Cameron broke my heart

David Cameron is a tosser but I'll vote for him anyway

People Who Think David Cameron Is the Guy On Facebook

If David Cameron Paid Me £500,000, I'd DEFINITELY Be His Friend

The "I Know Where I'd Like to Put David Cameron's Bike" Society

david cameron is a prat

David Cameron is a big cuddly bear

Shut up about the environment, David Cameron.


I am ambivalent about David Cameron

(which is the group for me)

and a bonus. Not a David Cameron Facebook group, but one I'd join anyway.

Bollocks 2 Brown!

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