Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Storm comin'

It's going to hit Newfoundland Wednesday.

George Parkes of Environment Canada said it was a significant storm, but typical for normally harsh Atlantic Canadian winters.

"Nobody would say that this is a freakish storm or anything — it's a bad winter storm," he said.

In Nova Scotia, RCMP advised drivers to stay off highways 104 and 106 due to the treacherous driving.

The Mounties were forced to divert traffic through Pleasant Valley after several vehicles, including an RCMP cruiser, collided at the Salt Springs exit around 1 p.m. It was unclear how many vehicles were involved in the crash.

The Pictou Causeway was also closed to traffic following an accident.

The storm was expected to move overnight into Newfoundland and Labrador, hitting southeastern Labrador the hardest with an estimated 40 centimetres of snow by Monday afternoon.

About 15 centimetres of snow was expected to fall along Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula.

It's OK though. The Newfs are the toughest bastards on planet earth.

In fact, if there's one place I can think of that might actually be safe to be when the Islamic shit hits the Western, post-Christian fan, its The Rock.

In honour of Newfies everywhere,

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