Monday, March 17, 2008

The Rewards of Dhimmitude

"Normally community relations here are very good. We have had very strong messages of support from the East London Mosque and Tower Hamlets Mosque with whom we've got good relations.

"Clearly the Muslim community is very shocked. These individuals were under the influence and this was a random act."

Keep telling yourself that hon.

The Rev Alan Green, area dean for Tower Hamlets and chairman of the Tower Hamlets Inter-Faith Forum, said: "Any incident that involves an element of abusive faith-related language should be handled in this way.

"An important part of the work of the Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum is to bring together representatives from our local faith communities, the borough council and the Metropolitan Police to monitor and respond to all reported faith-hate incidents.

"This ensures that we protect people of all faiths or none and maintain the good relations that exist locally between our diverse population."

Is there some kind of multiculturalist noodle-spine handbook of cliches? And is it possible to swallow it?

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