Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Did I say something last week about skepticism?

Somehow, that old "I told you so" thrill is just failing to satisfy on this one. Might have been nice to imagine, just for a second, that there is some measure of a clew out there...

From the SPUC daily digest:

China has denied reports circulated in the Western media last week that China is considering scrapping the one-child policy. Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier, told the annual parliament that China "will adhere to the current policy of family planning, keep the birthrate low, improve the health of newborns and adopt a full range of measures to address the gender imbalance in babies". [Australian, 5 March]

Beijing News has reported that "[n]ews of abandoning the one-child policy is inconsistent with the facts", quoting the National Population and Family Planning Commission describing the reports as "incorrect". Beijing News and the Yangcheng Evening News, another state-run newspaper, said that "China will continue to pursue even better its population and family planning policy." [Reuters, 2 March]

SPUC warned last week that Western media outlets had misinterpreted misleading comments by Zhao Baige, China's minister in charge of the policy. [SPUC, 28 February] Anthony Ozimic, SPUC political secretary, commented: "The Chinese Communist regime has played its old trick of soft-talking to the Western media, whilst tough-talking to its oppressed citizens, and yet again the Western media fell for it. Journalists should question the words of a regime that has ordered the killing of millions of unborn children and the torture of their mothers."


DP said...

Goodbye, China. They had a fighting (if less than 50%) chance of reversing their looming demographic crunch if they abandoned their Abort All Girls policy.

Now, forget it. Things are going to be grim as Hell there by 2030. The question is, when do they lash out?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

What does a country do with a couple million young men who can't find wives?

Unknown said...

When do they lash out? They already are comiting the most henious crimes to not only Chinese but other people of nations dictated to by brutal regimes. As for us in the west they have geopoltical aims for us too. And the first was to use our greediness to destroy our conscience.

Read the report about the Chinese communist regime committing live forced organ harvesting to the Falun Gong and selling their organs for large money to the rich foreigners.

Crimes Against Humanity and the Olympics cannot co-exist in China.

Some truths are intolerable
Our Governments know about it
Our media know about it
Human Rights organisations know about it
Now you know about it

PLease do something now!!

Anonymous said...

Joshua's never around when you need him.

DP said...

"What does a country do with a couple million young men who can't find wives?"

Maybe the same thing the Vikings did. But there's all that land to the north which could prove useful, long term. And Russians are even more endangered than Chinese.

Uglier and uglier. Buckle up--going to be a bumpy century.