Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Media Bias 2 - Proof the Devil Exists?

This from a friend. I make no comment.

Looking at ye NYT front page for today, I note, hardly for the first time: every single article which begins there has a malicious political slant, whether subtle or overt, & contributes to the known gliberal agenda, & has for its point of departure some "event" or "angle" that is essentially cooked, that would not be news if the NYT had not decided to make it news.

This is what we are up against in politics -- in the USA. Where it is better than here, because the fight isn't over.

And I am struck, over time, by the consistency, & humourlessness, of this malice. For here is the test: that in every issue, the subject of the attack is the person or institution that has behaved better; the beneficiary is the person or institution that has behaved worse. The argument itself is always fungible; & usually quite breathtakingly selective. In almost every instance, the big fact has been left out of the account, to let all the little facts breathe.

Without postulating the devil, it would be impossible to explain the NYT.

Monday, October 24, 2005

97 IQ weakling? Get Trivial !!

here for description of the Trivium and Quadrivium - the Classical and Medieval Education

Can you outline the steps in scientific method?

Do you know Aristotle's definition of a verb?

Do you know how John Milton used logical obversion to characterize Satan in Paradise Lost?

When's the last time you saw the square of opposition or the Tree of Porphyry?


No idea?!! Never?!!!

Well, obviously YOU did not receive a proper education!

Ever wonder how Thomas got so smart? Pondered how come C.S. Lewis managed to avoid getting hornswoggled by the post-modern rubbish that was already swirling around the academy in his time? Can't figure out how Newman, Fabre, Knox, Dawson, not to mention Augustine could just think circles around everyone in our time?

Well, here's how YOU can boost your brainpower a hundredfold! Yes, boys and girls, get the jump on your classmates! Pull ahead of your slug-brained Dewey-educated colleagues!

Get Medieval on their butts! and YOU TOO will be able to:

- illustrate the consequence of incorrectly converting a hypothetical proposition!

- know the Latin mnemonic that enumerates the valid moods of the four figures of the syllogism!

- explain the retained object in passive voice!

- read Thomas H. Huxley's quintuple enthymeme in defense of liberal education!

Yes! Become the Charles Atlas of the Classics and Philsophy Departments, and kick sand in their little Girlyman Ivy League and Jesuit faces!

Let Sister Miriam Joseph develop your brain and make a MAN of YOU!!