Saturday, March 15, 2008

I want to be Melanie Philips when I grow up

Sent this note today to a friend on Facebook:

I went for my first big Field Stomp of the spring today, and took lots of pics
of the lovely flowers and sprouty shoots.

But now I have to write the editorial about British politics that will gain
the attention of the British journalism world and launch my career as a British
Political Commentator who gets to write for the Daily Mail for a six-figure

so, I'm procrastinating, naturally.

I'm doing a blog post on all the funny titles of Facebook groups about David
Cameron (leader of the British Tory party).

I think he's quite handsome and fairly clever and better than Brown, but I still
don't trust him. Maybe I'm getting cynical because the reason I don't trust him
is that he keeps saying things I want to hear...which naturally must mean he's


Being me is hard.

Now I'm 42 and the thing I'm most worried about is that my political editorializing is boring.

I think I'm usually more interesting than this.

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