Thursday, March 27, 2008

A sign from God

I couldn't believe it.

I was in the little second hand bookshop in Chester, you know, the one up on the Wall above the Roman bits...the one that looks way down into a ravine to the no, the one next to the bridge of sighs next to the North Gate...

Anyway, I was looking in the Greek and Roman history section for stuff about the Roman foundations of Chester (I was about to say "occupation" of Chester, but that would be unfair; they founded Chester, so it was rightfully theirs), and there was a perfectly good Cassells Latin/English dictionary sitting on the shelf loudly and impatiently going "aHEM!" as though it was fed up with sitting there on that dusty shelf being ignored by passers-by and wanted to be taken home and given a cup of tea forthwith.

I was so excited that the nice lady who runs the shop, (who's from Alberta, oddly enough) threw in the other book ("The Legacy of the Middle Ages" an from Clarendon, my favourite of the OUPs) for a pound.

So, that means I'm back to Latin study again.



hyoomik said...

Quam iucundum invenire lexicon in Deva.
Olim in Deva tertia hora post meridiem non potui invenire cerevisiam tepidam quia omnes cauponae clausae usque ad quintam horam post meridiem.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

But all the bookshops stay open while the pubs are closed.

Besides, I don't drink in Deva. Too many foreigners.