Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You n' me both pal,

"For some considerable time I have believed that a severe persecution of the Church is imminent, and that it will begin in Britain."

However, it will spread quickly throughout Europe - the re-election
of the extremely anti-Catholic Zapatero government in Spain is but one sign of
this. I am not quite as insane as I may sound; in recent weeks I have spoken or
corresponded with priests in the UK who believe exactly the same.

I recently spoke with a leading Catholic journalist who told me that he believed
it was only a matter of time before priests and bishops are jailed for preaching
the Catholic Faith. Legislation, introduced by the Labour government in recent
years (and happily promoted by recent Catholic convert, the Rt. Hon Anthony Blair)
has already resulted in a number of unpleasant incidents.

Now, a Catholic Bishop, the Rt. Reverend Patrick O'Donoghue, has been 'summoned'
to appear before a Parliamentary Committee this Wednesday to answer for the terrible
crime of stating that the Catholic Faith should be taught in Catholic schools. The
Chairman of the Committee has spoken of "fundamentalism" and its dangers. This from
a government that has made it a crime to mention anything about the evils of Islam -
one cannot even refer to Islamic terrorists.

This is precisely why it is so important who is appointed as the new Cardinal
Archbishop of Westminster. We will need the equivalent of a Blessed Clement Von
Galen, the "Lion" Bishop who stood up to Hitler. As previously posted, it is believed
that Pope Benedict regards this appointment as one of the three most important of
his pontificate. The new Cardinal may have to close all the Catholic schools - or he
may follow the example of all but one of the episcopate during the time of that
verminous apostate and odorous wretch, Henry VIII, and give way.

I do not think things are anything like as bad over here - it is more of a "white"
persecution compared to what I fear will soon be a "red" persecution in


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