Monday, March 17, 2008


Jack says we need more understanding, but something about that doesn't entirely make sense.

Before I knew anything about Muslims I was a paragon of multiculti tolerance. I thought, each to his own, we all more or less share the same kind of ideas. We all want to get on quietly with our lives.

It was exactly the kind of idiot pig ignorance that has allowed the situation to grow to the point where we suddenly fear for our country in a way we never have before.

The more I learn, the more I want Muslims, particularly the ones the BBC likes to call "Asians" out of my country. And quite frankly, I just don't care about the "moderate Muslims", (if any can be found), or the innocent families. These people are a threat and I don't see why my family, some of whom live in Blackburn, should have to endure that kind of fear, why they should have to live day to day, in their own country, on the knife edge of physical violence. Why should my precious little cousins live in fear and the threat of harm every day?

And even putting aside (just for a moment) the London Bombings, the riots, the fact that the police are both unwilling and incapable of containing the hundreds of currently active Muslim terrorist cells in Britain, I don't see, in a larger sense, why the entire country has to live with the threat to the national character, a character that has developed organically in these islands for thousands of years. This country is ours.

Just watch the bit about the two religious parades. The Muslims with their increasingly high pitched chanting: from the point of view of an outsider, how is anyone supposed to take this hysterical shrieking as anything but a prelude to some kind of violent attack?

Jack says they're "doing better" because they have (so far) avoided the kinds of riots they've had in other towns. And for how much longer Jack?

As a standard of multicultural success, I'd say that isn't exactly what one wants to hear.

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Anonymous said...

Who was it that invented multiculturalism?