Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why I don't go to church any more

because there isn't one.

This bit from Kathy is about an Bishopess, but change the names sewn into the back of the underwear, and you've got the English "Catholic Church".

Why do churchmen -- black and white -- focus so much on our ancestors' sins and not our own? Because they don't think we sin. They don't think they sin. After all, they have at least one PhD and have read all the right books and memorized all the latest liberal talking points; they are innoculated from sinfulness.

The sight of women in priestly garb is bad enough. Note the mandatory butch white hair. Yep, that's a real role model for young women in the pews; who'd want to be the Little Flower when they could be this chick, or Joan Chittister or any number of dykey old broads running Christianity for the past thirty years, with their endless degrees and tri-annual "sabbaticals" and really bad haircuts?


Telling yourself "soon they'll all be dead" only takes off so much of the edge...

I think as a description of the English Catholic episcopate, "dykey old broads...with their endless degrees" is about the best I've heard since Diogenes called them the English Catholic "Gelded Social Workers".

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