Friday, March 07, 2008

Everything you need to say about the Anglicans

...except that to be a perfect example, one of these people would have to be gay.

Female vicar linked to the break down of bishop's marriage is expected to split from husband


Jeremy said...

Sadly unsurprising, the news, but I'd imagine it's even less so in England. Afterall, you don't have the United Church to make the Anglicans seem respectable.

Young fogey emeritus said...

As a traditional Anglo-Catholic who had my church home taken away from me and as a newspaperman myself I can say that this is gutter journalism from an archetypal British tabloid. Nothing but gossip (the devil's radio). Even if it's true Christians mustn't spread these stories: the Catholic faith teaches that not only is calumny a sin breaking the commandment against false witness but detraction as well. It's a private matter for their archbishop to handle.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

cuts a little close to home eh?

Anglicanism looks and sometimes even smells like the real thing, but it's a false religion based on lies, divorce, calumny, mass murder and the pillaging of the Church's lawful possessions and the destruction of an entire social order. So it's hardly a surprise that it is reaping now the fruits of those early seeds here at the End of All Things.

Surprised it's lasted as long as it has. But it's time for it to go.

Anglicanism, despite its now rotten and crumbling facade of respectability, came to power through a conscious and determined programme of theft and murder, lies and propaganda and calumny, the brutal suppression of the truth of Christ and the institution of a totalitarian police state.

Not something I'm terribly interested in defending.
You're free to take offence if you like; this is, after all the home of the thoughtcrime of the day. But I'm not so sympathetic to Ye Poore Olde Anglicans as I might sometimes appear and you won't find any polite chummy ecumenical tea parties around here.

Oh, and one more thing to note:

We don't allow false names. If you want to say something here, you have to be willing to own up to it personally.

The rules are posted to the left.

Young fogey emeritus said...

Sorry, I obviously didn't see the posted rules and didn't intend to hide behind my online name.

I wrote what I did not to defend the English 'Reformation' which neither of us believes in nor to excuse the problems in Anglicanism today but to point out I have an emotional excuse to have a go at the Anglican Church but this reporting still isn't on.

IMO the two people involved have the right to sue the Daily Mail for this. I know my paper would be if we treated people like that.

John Beeler

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Well, John. It is actually "on" because this is my blog and I don't actually care about what the Daily Mail does or does not.

But thanks for leaving your name.