Monday, March 10, 2008

A woman's right to choose...what exactly?

Of course, it's not the woman who has to do the deed. I do wonder how doctors and nurses manage to get through a career in our happy little socialized utopia without actually going insane. It certainly was the usual outcome for other people in similar situations. the T4 people went mad and started having weird pagan rituals in the cremation rooms. With garlands and everything, by all accounts.

"In one instance
, a hormone was injected into the mother to put her into
spontaneous abortion. It was meant to be a dead baby."

What Dorries saw next shows just how quickly a baby can develop.

"The baby breathed. It was lying in a bedpan - it was a little boy and I saw
him breathe. I said to the doctor: 'I am going to get the crash team (emergency
resuscitation medics).'

"And he got hold of my wrist, pulled me into a cubicle and said: 'We are not on
the labour ward. What are you doing?'

"He said that the only way I would be able to prove that the baby was alive was
to drop him into a bucket of water and see if he floated! I ran out in tears.

"Later, the ward sister jabbed her finger at me and said: 'You should seriously
think about whether you should be a nurse.'

So, I'm not sure how come the ones who do keep on in the system don't just go mad and turn into axe murderers.

Oh yeah.

They do.

Maybe here's a clew.

Nadine Dorries, despite thinking that "late term" abortion is "murder" still thinks abortion is A-OK. "I have no issue with abortion at the right time. But this is murder."

OK, Nadine, I see you have some problems with Rational Thought.

cf. 'Non-Contradiction, Logical Principle of'

Trust me, it'll help.

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