Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sturm und Drang!

I've looked all over town, and you would not believe it but I can't find a copy anywhere.

Not in English.


You know, if you feel like contributing...

UPDATE: found a shop in Rome that carries this title.

UPDATED UPDATE: This just in via Tom, in New York.

Hello from

We're writing about the order you placed on September 09 2010 (Order# 002-7714285-8409856). Unfortunately, we are unable to ship the item(s) as soon as we expected and need to provide you with a new estimate of when the item(s) may be delivered:

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, et al "Italian Journey: 1786-1788 (Penguin Classics)"
Estimated arrival date: October 08 2010

I have the best readers in the e-world!



Anonymous said...


Thought I'd be an impressive fan and locate an online version for you, but no luck. Plenty of original German editions, but no Auden translation.

Anyway, if you haven't done so yet, you might want to try downloading the free Kindle app for PC's at Amazon

You can then buy whatever your heart desires (well, just not the Goethe) just can't take it to the beach!

Fr. T. said...

Goethe fell in love with Philip Neri during his Italian sojourn----the romantic version, not the tough old bugger he really is.

HJMW said...

Only Oratorians get to know the mean Philip. He's perfectly nice to the rest of us.