Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One does indeed wonder that.

Benedict to the new German Ambassador to the Holy See:

One might wonder whether there are still Christians who, without compromise, become guarantors of their faith. Conversely, many men show an inclination towards mostly religious ideas more permissive for themselves. Instead of the personal God of Christianity, which is revealed in the Bible, replaced by a supreme being, mysterious and indeterminate, which has only a vague relationship with the personal lives of human beings.

These ideas motivate more and more discussion in society, especially around the area of justice and law. But if one leaves the faith in a personal God, there is the alternative of a "god" who does not know, can not hear and speak. And, more than ever, has no will. If God does not have its own will, good and evil are no longer distinguishable in the end, good and evil are no longer at odds with each other, but are in opposition that would be complementary to each other.

The Google translation might be a little vague, but I think we still get the gist.

In this situation, therefore, Christians have the task of following this development in a positive and critical and to sharpen the senses for the fundamental and continuing importance of Christianity in laying the groundwork to form the structures of our culture.


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