Friday, September 03, 2010

Calling all bloggers

So, at that meeting I managed to weasel out of sadly was unable to attend last month in Ontario, it was decided that would start up a group blog for our writers to give us even MORE space on the net to say what we really think educate and enlighten the public.

And we've got a little thing going on the LSN intra-net about what to call it, and honestly, the offerings so far have left me kind of flat.

Now, while I'm the first to admit that I'm the world's worst name-thinker-upper, every now and then, sometimes something pops in there and I'm surprised. So, I'm not giving up hope that I'll come up suddenly with a real corker. My blogs have mostly been "Catholic" oriented until this one, so I went for really obvious Catholic-themed names like FiatMihi and The Devout Life, so not a lot of imagination was needed. Latin is always impressive, or was.

I think "Orwell's Picnic" was pretty good, and it seems to have been more or less branded now so other people seem to like it. But it was a fluke. I was intending to do more Orwell-related stuff when I started this, but it just morphed naturally back into me ranting about things and making dumb jokes, and so it lost most of it's Georgeness. "Liveblogging the apocalypse" as a sub-head was all mine and I'm still pretty happy with it.

So, what I mean is, I'm not really one to count on for names of things. All through my childhood my bears were always named "Bear" and all my dollies were "Dolly". I'm amazed that Winnie ended up with a real name, since most of the time I address her as "Hey fuzz-brain" or "move, cat". (Which is OK, since I think she thinks my name is "Get out of my chair, monkey".)

Anyway, if anyone can think of a great name for the new group writers' blog, drop a note in the commbox. All submissions, no matter how sarcastic are welcome and the winning title gets...


a mention.



DP said...

How do you say "Life *Worthy* of Life" in German?

"Leben Vertes Leben"?

The usual suspects will grouse about the eugenics/Nazi reference, but that's on their collective bad conscience, not mine.

DP said...

OK--starting to knock the rust off. A couple of "Church Militant" themes:

"The Klaxon."

"General Quarters."

I'd suggest Galactica references ("Set Condition One" or "Sitrep!"), but you don't have a chance on those.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

These are great. Keep them coming.

Zach said...

You've met Dawn Eden, right? (Don't all journalist-types live in the same universe?) She'd be the real professional at this...

"Life Live!"

"The New Knights Errant"

(yeah, I've got chivalry on the brain, I'll see what more burbles up from the murk...)


Bill White said...

As long as it doesn't sound like it could be a blue-haired old lady show on EWTN.