Friday, September 24, 2010

Finished another one

Been working on this. It's a detail from a Ghirlandaio painting of the Visitation (with extra saints).

You've seen this.

Finished it last night.

Here they are as they were on my easel. Look closely and you will see all the wonkey bits.

It's a funny thing though. The more I do it, the more I want to do it. And there are times, like last night, when it's going especially well, that I find it very difficult to stop. Even when my eyes are getting all sandy. And the urge to start another one immediately is extremely strong when you've finished one. I had to stop myself from putting up the next project last night at 12:30.

Go to bed! You can't draw when your eyes are all sandy anyway.

I don't wanna go to bed. I'll just finish this one little bit...

It's like living with a kid in your brain.



Toorriley said...

May I say Bravo and well done. In my family, the boys got the art skills and the girls more wordsmiths. That being said, may I venture to suggest that you need to remember to breath? Sounds silly, I know . . . but I see a tension there that I am sure will disappear with practice. This comment is from one with a brother who can whip out a Steinlen-like cat in 5 minutes, darn him.

HJMW said...

I do actually forget to breathe when I am drawing. I'v noticed I approach a line or a bit of shadow as I used to shooting clay pigeons. You aim the gun at where you think the pigeon will be when you want to shoot it, you draw your breath in all the way and hold it, you yell "pull!" and you adjust your aim in the split second the pigeon is in your sights, and BLAMMO! Clay pigeon bits all over the sky. Then you remember to breathe out.

It's all about aim.

df said...

You disgust me with your graphite wielding skills.