Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not that we're into biased reporting or anything...

Archbishop Nichols is the man preparing the way, the salesman for an event which, if polls are to be believed, is actively supported by at best a quarter of the population, and regarded with varying degrees of indifference or opposition by the rest. Safe to say that Pope Benedict, the quintessential Vatican insider risen to ultimate earthly office, is a less sympathetic figure than John Paul II, who visited Britain in 1982. A theological conservative, he has been accused of condemning the Catholic Church to increasing irrelevance in a liberalising world, while overseeing a cover-up in regard to sexual misconduct by clerics, particularly paedophilia.

Safe to say it huh? Safe with whom? Safe with the Archbishop of Westminster?

Let's see. From this, I think I can make a wild stab at the Telegraph's list of editorial requirements for writing about Benedict.

-- Benedict less popular than JPII
-- theological 'conservative' (optional: 'hardliner')
-- Church refuses to update to modern world/20th/21st century
-- traditional Catholic teaching 'irrelevant'
-- pedophilia crisis (any mention)

Perhaps Mr. Tweedie is very young. Maybe he doesn't remember all the journalists calling John Paul II a "hardliner" who refused to bring the Church into the 20th century.

Plus c'est la same crap...


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