Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My first Life Class

This was the result, after six three hour sessions drawing from the live model.

Before the values were put in during the last session yesterday.
(Sorry about the poor picture quality. The light in the room is deliberately diffused so it's a bit hard to take pictures, and the flash is useless.)

It took me a long long time, and cost me a few more gray hairs, to get the foreshortened foot on the right.

With the first set of values put in. It was also incredibly difficult to see where the shadow shapes were and which were the half-tones.

I was particularly pleased with the hand, which I got on the first go with no trouble.

Not great, but not terrible for a first go.

The real fun, of course, is doing it with other people.

The wonderful Laura, the model. She's also a singer and actress and reportedly once worked in a circus. She was incredible. I never knew it was possible to stand in exactly the same spot for so long.

Fellow students Danielle and Luigi, both much more advanced than I. They completed a whole painting each in the time it took me to do my little drawing.


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