Thursday, September 02, 2010

Because it worked so well for the Catholics

Rwandan House of Bishops Urge Conciliar Process to Resolve Anglican Crisis

Hey, Anglicans!

It's over. Time to come back.


Zach said...

Hey, don't pick on my Archbishop! :)

I would think this would be a bright note for you triumphalist Catholics -- Anglicans are trying to think hard about both ecclesiology and Church authority. I suspect this can only be good for your side in the long run...

What a weird, strange world, if, when all is said and done, the only place that traditional Anglicanism has left to live is due to this Pope.

Anonymous said...

Zach - that is exactly the point that I have taken from all of this. In future years, the only place in the world that will have something remotely like traditional Anglicanism is within the Anglican Ordinariates of the Catholic Church. Time to act as soon as possible.