Thursday, September 16, 2010

News of death

I had a note yesterday from a friend in St. Catherine's, Ontario of the death of Anne Muggeridge. It has made me wonder, again, if one ever "gets over" loss. Or even if we should want to. When we get over something, haven't we forgotten it? Isn't it better to be in pain than to forget someone or something, like a love, that is terribly important?



Anonymous said...

Yes! There can be joy in the unforgetting too.

(That's also why "forgive and forget" doesn't work: you can't really forgive if the aim is to forget.)


Mark S. Abeln said...

Some say there is beauty in sadness.

When I lost Lisa more than three years ago, I could not believe that, but the sorrow has to be transformed to something greater. I doubt that I'll ever forget.

Some lessons are brutal, but now I know for a fact that life is brief yet very precious. May God rest her soul... and I now realize that even if consolation does not come in this life, I still can find rest in God's peace.