Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Grief!

What on earth is that thing? Are my eyes deceiving me, or is that actually tie dyed?

Do these people not get that the whole "wrinkly hippie/birkenstock/tie-dye/grey pony tail" thing is a joke?



Dr. Adam DeVille said...

The poor pope--a man who deserves so much better, but whose gentleness and virtue seem to preclude him smacking people upside the head when they come out with such liturgical hideousness.

Paulinus said...

Someone, I hope, will get soooooooooooo busted for this

Lyda said...

I believe it was made by school children as a gift for the Holy Father.

Ecgbert said...

What Damian Thompson calls the Magic Circle of British RCs taking revenge on him.

John Beeler

Paulinus said...


'Da kidz' could have just have easily been taught or made a beautiful spade-ended, gold edged stole in damask in the liturgical colour of the day.

Why do we set our expectations of children so low that all they can offer is batik. It just about sums up modern 'education' in England.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Yes, another lost opportunity to teach something real to the children. The liturgical colour of the season, perhaps, (or maybe any liturgical colour), in some kind of decent fabric. An opportunity to tell them about the traditions of liturgical vestments.

But no, it's got to be cutsie wootsie. I recall being terribly annoyed as a child at the obsession of the grownups with cutsie wootsie. With talking to us as though we were idiots. I remember the woman who led the "glee club" (gag) telling me that serious choral music (I think I mentioned Mozart) was "too advanced" for us.

Not for the boys of the Sistine Chapel choir, of course. She might just as well have said, "Oh, I'm sorry, you're too stupid to understsand it". When what it really meant was that she thought it was too advanced for her.

Anonymous said...

That's not batik. Traditional batik is very beautiful, complex and difficult. Please adjust your personal expectation of textile knowledge. - Karen