Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Nice religion you got there, Abdul.

In Kandahar, population about 500,000, and other towns, dance parties are a popular, often weekly, pastime. Young boys dress up as girls, wearing makeup and bells on their feet, and dance for a dozen or more leering middle-aged men who throw money at them and then take them home. A recent State Department report called "dancing boys" a "widespread, culturally sanctioned form of male rape."

So, why are American and NATO forces fighting and dying to defend tens of thousands of proud pedophiles, certainly more per capita than any other place on Earth? And how did Afghanistan become the pedophilia capital of Asia?

Sociologists and anthropologists say the problem results from perverse interpretation of Islamic law. Women are simply unapproachable. Afghan men cannot talk to an unrelated woman until after proposing marriage. Before then, they can't even look at a woman, except perhaps her feet. Otherwise she is covered, head to ankle.

"How can you fall in love if you can't see her face," 29-year-old Mohammed Daud told reporters. "We can see the boys, so we can tell which are beautiful."

Even after marriage, many men keep their boys, suggesting a loveless life at home. A favored Afghan expression goes: "Women are for children, boys are for pleasure." Fundamentalist imams, exaggerating a biblical passage on menstruation, teach that women are "unclean" and therefore distasteful. One married man even asked Cardinalli's team "how his wife could become pregnant," her report said. When that was explained, he "reacted with disgust" and asked, "How could one feel desire to be with a woman, who God has made unclean?"

Very nice.

One boy, in tow of a man he called "my lord," told the Reuters reporter: "Once I grow up, I will be an owner, and I will have my own boys."



Zach said...

On the plus side, clearly the demographics ought to be against this long-term...

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I would agree, but unfortunately, these people seem to have figured out that you need to keep the women around and do the nasty deed with them in order to keep up the supply of pretty young boys.

Afghanistan has one of the higher birth rates in the world.

Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Hilary Jane!

First a point of termminology. Is it correct to call homosexual abuse of "dancing boys" in Afghanistan "pedophilia"? Wouldn't "pederasty" be more accurate if the victims of this sad abuse are mostly 11 or 12? My understanding is that "pedophilia" is used for victims of sex abuse of both genders who are less than age 10. But I might be wrong!

And the grotesque separation of the sexes (and the resulting increase of homosexual abuse of boys)is not limited to Afghanistan. Years ago, I read an article about how many men in Syria practice homosexuality esp. because they can't afford the dowries the families of many girls demand before they could marry them.

Oh, yes, Islam's grotesque ideas about womem is one of the many reasons why I don't like the "religion of pieces."

Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


my use of the name was purely motivated by racism. I wanted to display my cultural ignorance and pig-headedness for the sake of any detractors who might have stopped by recently.

I hate to disappoint my fans.