Thursday, September 23, 2010

Roman Ruins

Rude Language Alert (but we're all grownups here, right?)

From the Onion:
While the tradition of dicking around abroad can be traced back to a medieval European university system that encouraged putzing off in other cultures, the practice didn't become common in the United States until the 1970s, when an entire generation began pursuing higher education and looking for ways to do ****-all.

"I've dicked around in France and Australia," said Lehigh University senior Christie Oden, a psychology major who spent last spring in the school's popular Holy Shit, Melbourne Is Laid Back program. "I tell everyone I know: Definitely dick around abroad if you get the chance. It's the best thing I did in college."

For students like Oden, who are seeking opportunities to waste enormous amounts of time in a specific field, some schools offer specialized programs for dicking around abroad. Engineering majors at MIT, for example, can spend a semester in a drunken haze at the school's Munich location...

But it's not just Americans who are interested in an international education: The Department of Education has also seen a steep rise in the number of foreign students taking buckle-down-and-succeed programs here in the U.S.

According to the report, applications for IIT Bombay's Spend Every Waking Second Making the Most of Your Education Abroad program are up 30 percent since 2009, while in the past decade enrollment in Peking University's Get an American Ph.D., Don't Draw Too Much Attention, and Report Back for Duty program has nearly tripled

Oh, you don't know how funny this is until you have lived somewhere like Rome.

Nearly everyone I know here are "students". Some of whom came in the 1970s and simply never left.

Santissima Trinita should start a "Roman Ruin Programme" where Anglos can come and spend a year "working" in the sacristy.

How to be a Roman Ruin



berenike said...

Someone needs to invent a machine for washing the camp out of camp men ... can we send them all to cut forests in Siberia or dig toilets in Afghanistan or something for a year?

Unknown said...

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