Tuesday, September 07, 2010

After all, we do create our own reality

Flea notes:

At the tail end of his Rush Limbaugh guest hosting duties, Mark Steyn claimed he always checks the census boxes for Transgendered and Pacific-Islander in an attempt to undermine their statistics. It is a gesture Michel Foucault would have described as "resistance".

Which got me thinking. If I can decide to be a woman and everyone from the tax man to my employer has to empower me, why can't I just decide to be black* (too) and start applying for grants and tenure-track jobs accordingly?

* You heard me: Black. Don't tell me how to describe myself, whitey.

As I believe I've said before, if a man can "self-identify" as a woman, and vice versa, all bets are off.

I hereby self-identify as a 23 year-old Dianna Rigg look-alike who's fabulously wealthy.

Just keep clicking those heels together...


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