Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Kathy, still making me laugh

Apparently, some US proddies are burning the Koran.

...burning a book -- any book -- is a fascist and destructive.

Admittedly, this distinction may be too subtle and artsy for Reverend Stereotype to figure out, since he probably thought "WWJD?" was as "deep" as stuff gets.


Let Muslims retain their reputation as the ones doing the burning.

That's the trouble with so many "conservative" critiques of the Ground Zero mosque; you're saying the same thing as the anti-Mo-toon people said. We can't pretend to suddenly care about "sensitivity" or forget about the Constitution.

The critiques of the Ground Zero mosque are being too subtle for their, and our, own good.

Building the mosque is wrong because they're the bad guys and we can't let the bad guys **** with us.

That used to be a good enough reason for pretty much anything, until men stopped being men and started becoming lawyers instead.

As I said below. I wish there were more men.


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