Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More free stuff in Rome

Many Red, Red Roses: Roseto Comunale. Imagine 10,000 square meters of exotic roses: striped. Speckled, brilliantly colored and contoured, including hybrids that smell more heavenly than all of the city's pastry shops and pizzerias combined. Originally the site of Rome's Jewish Community) Cemetery, the Municipal Rose Garden contains thousands of new bud varieties that are sent to the gardens for the annual international "Premio Roma" competition. The gated garden, across the street from the Circus Maximus and surrounded by the dusty brown ancient ruins of the Roman Forum. Offers visitors a tranquil, sweet-smelling haven above the chaos of the city center. Signs invite visitor~ to walk on the grass around the roses to get a better sniff. Take a sketchbook or a good novel and plor yourself on a bench, relax and listen to classical music, which is piped in to the outdoor garden. Directions: Take Metro Line B to Circus Maximus, Via di Valle Murcia, 617. For more information. call 06.574.6810 or e-mail

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