Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Y'all can guess what I'm going to be writing about in the next few days

It may all be unpleasant, even distressing; but difficult though it may be to realise it now, this present hostility is to be welcomed: it means that we are beginning once more to count for something.

The atheists’ utter loathing, all the same, is at times a little frightening in its sheer vicious irrationality. These people are in the grip of a barely restrained hysteria. Take the current issue of the New Humanist, subtitle: “Ideas for godless people”; this issue gives a good idea of what it must be like being godless, and at least it makes you grateful not to be godless yourself.

"Beginning once more to count for something."

It's a funny thing that the same burst of insanity didn't happen when JPII made his "pastoral" visit to Britain.

Can't imagine what the difference is now.

Mr. Oddie continues, "...when the Church is being faithful to her mission, this is how the world will regard her."