Monday, September 15, 2008

The Season of Mellow Fruitfulness

Went for a very successful blackberrying walk today, and found a wonderful patch of chamomile. Also was given two bags of cooking apples and have a very nice apple chutney recipe.

All is well.

The hawthorne is heavy with berries and from a distance the hedges all have a kind of reddish glow to them,

Bracket fungus on the old oaks.

The first few. In the end, brought home about five pounds worth. That should make about ten jars of jam.

Masses of wild chamomile growing around a cow trough. No cows in this field this year though.

I'm trying to get labeled the village witch.

Pie. Chutney. Apple sauce.

Drowning the bugs.

Winnie disdainful. She assured me that if she had gone out into the fields for three hours, she would have come home with something useful, or appetising.
A dead vole, perhaps.

Winter flowering pansies ready to go into the flowerpots in the courtyard. Quite a novel idea for this Canuckistani. They're going in to replace the ones the caterpillars got last month.

Rosehips weren't ready yet, but I did look up just in time to see an owl leaving his little hideaway for his evening's hunt. Out of the bole of an oak, and right over my head, not more than eight feet above. But silent; I wouldn't have known he had flown over my head if I hadn't just happened to look up at that moment.


Anonymous said...

Looks great...When are you going to start earning extra quid by selling your jams and chutneys made in the Jesuit or in your case Traddie tradition?
Just curious,


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased you appreciate the season of mellow fruitfulness. Shows real class, that.

Mark S. Abeln said...

That Hilary, what a woman!

Thanks for the post!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

When are you going to start earning extra quid by selling your jams

When they abolish the EU regulations.