Thursday, September 25, 2008

If I were a giant pharmaceutical company,

with £100m a year to spend, I'd totally buy myself a few politicians.

The Health Secretary also confirmed that there would be a two-year catch up campaign starting in Autumn 2009, for girls up to 18 years. The routine programme could cost up to £100m a year and the catch up programme could cost up to £200m in 2009/10 and 20010/11, but the Department of Health aims to negotiate a reduction in vaccine price during the procurement process.

...get a lot of drugs approved for sale in the UK with that kind of money.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but not surprised. How many young girls have already died horribly from anaphylactic shock and seizures? How many have been made ill but survived?

I wonder how many parents would do this to their children if the doctor was required to disclose that their daughter could literally drop dead right in the office?

I don't have children so I generally don't offer opinions about their care but I can't understand how people believe it is possible to raise their daughters to be sexually availabe to ever Tom, Dick and Harry without suffering serious consequences. I don't understand how they think this is such an all encompassing good that they are willing to risk their children's lives in a futile attempt to accomplish it.

It just makes me horribly sad.