Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ever-Closer Union news roundup

Paying enough yet?
EU price controls increase phone bills. Vodaphone has announced that it will increase the price of domestic phone calls to make back revenue it has lost because of EU price controls on overseas calls.

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Blogger-Free Europe
EU to regulate bloggers? The European Parliament's Culture Committee has adopted a report recommending the regulation of blogs, including making it impossible to blog anonymously.

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Lisbon II: the Revenge
After strongly denying any prospect of a second Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty back in July, the Irish Europe Minister Dick Roche has now publicly announced that a second vote would be "appropriate". (Newstalk Radio, 22 July, and Irish Independent, 25 August)

Prime Minister Brian Cowen also admitted that a second referendum will be considered. However, it was suggested that people might only be allowed a second vote on parts of the Treaty, with much of the text just being pushed through the Irish Parliament.

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Anonymous said...

Well, while I'm all for sodomising the EU, one would have expected you to approve of the second item!

Anonymous Sue

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

errr... no.

Government regulation of free speech is ...