Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rome update

In case anyone cares what I'm doing.

I spoke this morning with a nice lady who will be searching out a suitable flat in a coastal town in the vicinity of the Urbs. Hope to actually make the transition by the end of Oct.

The only advice I can give to people intending to move to Italy is, forget about your preconceptions of how you want to live. Italy does not work by your rules. It does not work by any rules at all. Just go there and take what it offers; like Divine Providence, what Italy offers is probably better than what you had in mind anyway.


DP said...

Uh...so you're moving to Italy?

Why, yes, I can be quite slow and have occasional reading comprehension problems, but that isn't the point right now.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

not paying attention.

too much election fever.

I understand.

Anonymous said...


It's always warm and sunny there. Achhh!

~ Belloc