Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And on that cheery note...

how 'bout some poetry?

Limericks by an anonymous source:

There was an armed lady of Leicester
Who, when some fool tried to molest her,
Deftly clove him in twain
And skipped over the plain
Leaving him who would pester to fester.

Now no one, I think, will refute us
If we say this Chewbacca's hirsutus.
But, be that as it may,
Luke, it's our lucky day:
He's first mate on a ship that might suit us.

This castle, though built to be strong,
Would scarcely, I think, last for long
Under rocket attack:
The old stonework would crack.
If you thought otherwise, you'd be wrong.

* this was inspired by a discussion I had with the poet about a ruined castle near my village, perched up high on a rocky crag that has been inhabited and fortified for defense since the bronze age. I said it would be useful for those of us in the resistance to learn where these are and resort to them in...ah...times of trouble.

My friend noted that this would be a great plan had man not achieved flight. It's sadly true that the remaining 13th century walls of Beeston Castle did not stand up even to the artillery technology available to Cromwell's troops.

Too bad.

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