Thursday, September 18, 2008

More children in Britain have televisions in their rooms than fathers in their homes.

58% of children eat their evening meal in front of the TV
36% never eat any meals together with other family members
34% of households do not own dining tables

The British, never fond of children, have lost all knowledge or intuition about how to raise them; as a consequence, they now fear them, perhaps the most terrible augury possible for a society. The signs of this fear are unmistakable on the faces of the elderly in public places. An involuntary look of distaste, even barely controlled terror, crosses their faces if a group of young teens approaches; then they try to look as if they are not really there, hoping to avoid trouble. And the children themselves are afraid. The police say that many children as young as eight are carrying knives for protection. Violent attacks by the young between 10 and 17, usually on other children, have risen by 35% in the last four years.


Constantine said...

Where is the horse and the rider?
Where is the horn that was blowing?
They have passed like rain on the mountains,
Like wind in the meadows.
The days have gone down in the West,
Behind the hills, into shadow.

M. Alexander said...

My sister calls this "Kinderflichtenstein"- roughly "fear of children as the enemy" and the enemy we can kill.

I wonder why the elderly wish to extinguish the lives that will pay their social security and medicare?