Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Damn right they do

What the hell?

Who's saying they don't?!

Oh, wait. Let me guess...

Gurkha heroes deserve the right to live in Britain
Posted on Sep 16, 2008 at 16:11:50

Today, in the High Court, the case is being heard of former Gurkha soldiers seeking permission to stay in Britain. That they have been driven to this resort is deeply shaming to this country. Britain is notorious as a soft-touch destination for international undesirables and bogus asylum seekers of every stamp. Two years ago the Home Office admitted to the presence of up to 570,000 illegal immigrants and 772,000 asylum seekers.

If you are an East European trafficker in women, a drug dealer, or a member of some foreign mafia, there is a "Welcome" on the mat in Labour Britain.

The Government is taking refuge in the technicality that the Gurkhas were stationed in Hong Kong, not the UK, until 1997. How pathetic. Were they serving Red China or the British Crown? It was Britain, obviously - for the princely remuneration of £17.50 a month and a pension of £58.

This regiment won 13 Victoria Crosses. Now there is a Maoist regime in their native Nepal and they would prefer to live under the Crown they served so well.


The thought of what you have to do to get a Victoria Cross, let alone thirteen in a single regiment, is staggering.

But of course, because they're war heroes, the British CommunistsLabour party doesn't want them. Nice.

Oh right. I forgot for a second.

I'm supposed to be a racist.

As Kathy says, too bad I've lost my secret Lefty decoder ring.

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