Sunday, September 21, 2008

Canal Walk Today

Canal bridge. First person to guess how these grooves got worn in the stone and brick of the bridges gets a prize.

A life messing about with boats.

The moorages are like little villages. We're miles from anything, but never more than a shout away from people. And everyone is very friendly on the canals. Anglers, boat people, walkers, collectors, even tramps. It is very bad form to allow a narrowboat to pass without giving a wave and a smile and saying hello. They will often inquire as to what you are collecting, if you've got a bucket or a bag over your shoulder. I think I'm the only one who comes for rosehips.

Lots of people live full time on the narrow boats (they're not barges), and the English gardening instinct is as strong with them as with anyone.

Made it back just before dark. The nights are closing in, as they say. It was full dark by 7:30. The only reason I made it home was the bells at St. Peter's church in Waverton, ringing 6 pm.

Meanwhile, back at the lab.
Boiled up the first batch of rosehip and crab apple today.

And the hops have dried a treat. I'm going to put them in a jar with the chamomile tomorrow.


BillyHW said...

Tow ropes.

(I cheated though.)

Unknown said...

I was going to say chains.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...



No prize for you.

Anonymous said...

damn ,beat to the punch !Towropes as I learned on my canal walk on my recent trip to Bath

Anonymous said...

I was going to say witches, but I guess i won't bother.