Thursday, September 25, 2008

Four thousand smackaroons!

I could use some of that.

I liked Kathy's idea that all the Canadian conservative bloggers file HRC complaints against each other, and then split the dough.

Health Canada scientist gets $4,000 for 'hurt feelings'
Don Butler , Canwest News Service

OTTAWA - The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has awarded a former Health Canada scientist $4,000 for "hurt feelings" after a supervisor's comment that he liked visible minorities was deemed to be racist.

When he was introduced to staff, Lachance told his audience that he liked visible minorities. An offended Chopra complained that the comment was a "deeply insensitive racial remark toward visible minority employees of the bureau." The tribunal concurred, finding that Lachance's comment was "offensive to Dr. Chopra and, by any standard, racist, even if some people in attendance did not find it to be so."

The tribunal chastised Dr. Chopra for asserting that every manager at Health Canada practices system racial discrimination, and every appointment in the past 20 years has been discriminatory. It said such sweeping assertions, made "without a proper evidentiary basis," undermine Chopra's credibility and "have a negative impact on the promotion of human rights."

Heh. The CHRC has learned to spell "evidentiary". Bet they had to look it up in the library.

comment from BCF: "We don't believe you but here's 4 Grand. Ok I'm suing Canada at the CHRC"


I've had a GREAT idea!

I think the HRC could make a lot of money if they put it on TV on Saturday afternoons as game show.

The HRC Show.

They could do it like those big American shows like the Price is Right and Family Feud I used to watch in the 70s. Lots of glitter and sparkles and the HRC commissioners could dress up in ruffle shirts and dinner jackets and black ties and go around kissing the female contestant complainants.

Every week you could get a set of four or five contestants complainants, and you get the complainee (or whatever you call the victims) to put on a black hood and sit on a chair in a spotlight. Then the conplainants would get to write down their complaints on a little card that the studio audience could see and the complainee has to guess what the charges are. The audience gets to shout out hints like "Homophobe!" and "racist bastard!" to help him out. The complestants get an extra $500 whenever the victim gets the answer wrong (or you can't make out what he's shouting through the hood).

And Shirlene McGovern could put on a ball gown and a big smile and turn around some illuminated blocks that say, "Hurt feelings for $5000.00"

Maybe the audience could get in on it too. We could buy tickets and once a week the audience could do a draw to see if a Christian will get publicly flogged that week for discrimination against sodomites.

It would be the most popular game show in the world!

Think of the syndication possibilities, I mean, I just found out that Big Brother is made in 70 countries. And they don't even flog people on that one.

Canada would be the envy of the world. Governments would look on it as a big cash cow and start putting their own HRCs together.

Better than lotteries.

Like lotteries with flogging and ruffled shirts.

It'd be great.

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