Saturday, September 27, 2008

I never get a link

The Catholic bishops' Magic Circle wants to close down this blog. In fact, it has a whole list of Catholic blogs it would like to suppress. Why? "Misleading information," say the bishops. I don't think so. It's accurate information they don't want to leak out.

A few nights ago I joined a group of Catholic bloggers in a pub in Victoria. They included the world-famous Fr Z from America, Fr Tim Finigan and Mac McLernon ("Mulier Fortis"). We felt like a group of East European dissidents swapping samizdat literature in the 1970s.

There are liberal Catholic bloggers out there
[there are? Does anyone read them?], but it is persecuted traditionalists who have seized control of cyberspace in the English-speaking world, with disastrous results for the secretive Futurechurch project...

Every vindictive move against the traditional liturgy is reported. Every slip is exploited. And, worst of all, conservative Vatican rulings can no longer be concealed from the faithful. No wonder the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales discussed controlling blogs at its last meeting.

They're going to have to take a number. I understand the EU isn't too pleased with the bloggers either.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad; it's just as difficult serving on a staff in a Catholic parish if one's proclivities tend, um, orthodox. I often think how sad it is that many who are so enthusiastic about the Faith and who love it so dearly are treated so poorly by those entrusted to its care. Even so, there's something about Catholicism by stealth, Catholicism as a subversive activity, that appeals to this Irish troublemaker… Buck up! We're in great company (think: Southwell, Fisher, Campion, et al.).

Anonymous said...

Is it not strange that those who proclaim that they are liberalising the Church feel the need to suppress those who disagree with them? In the meantime the excellent Pope, a genuine scholar, shows how the Church can learn from those outside it by having Lutheran scholars address his seminar, and inviting a Rabbi to address his synod. He is not afraid of views other than his own. What are the catholic bishops afraid of?

Anonymous said...

In partibus infidelium misses the point. The episcopacy is not afraid of conflicting views per se.

But they are are afraid of conflicting views inside the Church, particularly orthodox views, because this could lead to the loss of episcopal power.

And let me add that this is directed at the episcopacy in the UK, Canada, Australia etc - not at His Holiness.