Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Young people ~ hate em

The youth culture. Youth movements. LifeTeen. Young adult ministry.

Are there any words to put together in the English language capable of generating as much loathing?

Maybe, but I'd have to think a while.

Again, it is hard to explain all this to members of the “John Paul Generation,” many of whom grew up in vibrantly orthodox parishes in the suburbs, where hideous modern architecture and happy-clappy music peacefully co-existed with solid Christian preaching, whose “Eucharistic ministers” also worked long hours at pro-life pregnancy shelters. Having never seen what came before, with no trailing memories of reverence lost or beauty abandoned, these post-modern Catholics rarely understand what we “liturgy-geeks” are talking about. If they drop in to see a Traditional Mass, they might very well find it attractive, in an artsy, alien way. Like a matinee of The Magic Flute. But it’s not worth fighting about.

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Anonymous said...

The youth culture. Youth movements. LifeTeen. Young adult ministry.

To which I'd cynically (can't help it—it's in my nature) add, just to give some historical depth: Hitlerjugend. Outlets for youthful energy are fine; it's when the flames of that energy are fanned by adults with odd, um, enthusiasms that things go belly up. Nearly all the grown ups I've encountered in charge of Life Teen (does this not sound like a way to formalise arrested development?) or Youth Ministry (whatever became of "Apostolates"? Must everything be a "ministry"?) have the "odd enthusiasms" problem...