Monday, July 07, 2008

Sometimes this country makes my blood run cold

This just in via email:
Our group is made of mostly relatives who have lost loved ones through neglect at Mid Staffs Trust hospital. Several having lost their lives through lack of fluids and nourishment.

From the evidence I have gathered and the accounts I have listened to from relatives, the decision wasn't discussed with them. It appears that the decisions were made by the doctors/nursing staff without consultation with the families.
The hospital is now under investigation for high death rates and concerns over care. The report is not due to be published until Spring.

I launched the campaign after spending 8 weeks caring for my Mother of 86. After 3 days of her being in the hospital, I was so concerned with the poor standards I was too frightened to leave her and we stayed with her constantly. What I saw in those 8 weeks will sadly remain with me forever. Vulnerable patients were left to care for themselves those who had no family died, neglected.

In the car on the way home tonight, I was told a harrowing story by a woman whose daughter went to local hospitals for minor surgeries. While she was in recovery, the girl in the hospital bed next door was having a "medical abortion", that is, she was given a dose of RU-486. There were some kind of complications and the attending physician came in and removed the "product" with foreceps, all the while giving a loud blow-by-blow description of "the procedure". When my friend told nursing staff that her daughter was becoming very upset by this and would like to be moved to another bed, she was told that she and her daughter were being "jugemental". My friend so upset the nurses by being upset by what was going on that she was asked to leave.

There will be more on this later this week on LifeSite, but for the moment, I am in awe and terror at how deeply evil our country has become.

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