Friday, July 25, 2008

People who think I'm acerbic

obviously don't read Kathy enough.

"post-algia" Def: the longing for a time
when men came home to hot meals cooked by wives who weren't wearing dirty, baggy pajamas. When your kids called you "Sir" and not "asshole".

When you didn't have to keep going in for diversity training and wondering what you were supposed to call minorities this week. No ugly wheelchair ramps or transvestite washrooms or group hugs or recycling. No tofu, no hippies, no Pride parades, no Paris Hilton, no Code Pink, no dreadlocks.

A time when you had to go out of your way -- say, to the carnival -- to see a 300lb woman with a tattoo.

Oh baby. You're making me weak in the knees.

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Anonymous said...

While I'm mixed on the examples she gives (I ride my bike a lot and find wheelchair ramps extremely helpful), I'd be lying if I don't know the general feeling.