Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sue has given me the best suggestion I've heard all week

She says:

the virgin/divorcee analogy is from C.S.Lewis. It's part of the same essay where he says that whenever he hears someone saying that our civilisation is reverting to paganism, he has visions of MPs leaving their sandwiches for the dryads in Hyde Park, and watching the Prime Minister sacrifice a white bull at the opening of Parliament.

Now that would be the BEST opening of Parliament ever.


I would spring for the train fare to London to see that.

It would make Cameron the king of fleet street.


Anonymous said...

Hell... I'd spring for plane fare for that. But it does raise some interesting questions: What would the ritual role of the Beefeaters be in the sacrificing of the white bull? Also, to what kind of behaviour might the royal family be reverting? The mind reels; the possibilities are staggering. I say a plebiscite is in order! Let's get this thing started!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

I think the real question is what role does Her Majesty claim? She is the head of the Church of England, after all and she has to open Parliament. If England were to switch officially from Christianity to, say, Moloch worship, what does Elizabeth II do? She's an elderly lady, after all.

Anonymous said...

Moloch seems a bit messy for Betty II. My hunch? A tendency toward Baal, followed by cucumber sandwiches, crusts removed. She can excuse herself when the dancing starts.