Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So hard to know where to begin

but I think I'll start with the parents.

Mitch and Janis Winehouse have unveiled a life size waxwork of their daughter Amy at London wax museum Madame Tussauds today.

Mitch Winehouse, described the waxwork as being "absolutely incredible" adding "I can't get over the tattoos. They are perfect."

Mitch Winehouse also stated that his daughter is due to begin work on her third album within the next few months.

"She has two or three more live gigs then she will be working on her new album. She's got quite a few songs already."


yes. The likeness is quite good.

But what I'm wondering, Mr. and Mrs. Winehouse, is whether either of you have noticed that your daughter's lifestyle is life-threateningly damaging to her. Has it crossed either of your minds that there is serious reason to worry that she will not live long enough to die of whatever venereal diseases she has doubtless contracted in her single-minded determination to destroy herself?

Is it just me? or is there something seriously missing in the reaction of these parents?


Puff the Magic Dragon said...
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Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

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DP said...

No, it's not just you. At the rate she's going, she's going to be as lively as the waxwork.

Celebrity is like plutonium--the less exposure to it, the better. It appears Mum and Dad have received a fatal dose, alas.