Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sound familiar?

I notice that there were indeed protests over the celebration of Bastille Day yesterday...over the inclusion of the Syrian president.

But there are still some people who remember what it really represented:

Their tame scientists dreamed up all kinds of new ideas the poisoning of flour and alcohol and water supplies, the setting up of a tannery in Angers which would specialise in the treatment of human skins; the investigation of methods of burning large numbers of people in large ovens, so their fat could be rendered down efficiently.
"Even if there should be patriots [that is, Republicans] in Vendée," Turreau himself said, "they must not spared. We can make no distinction. The entire province must be a cemetery." And so it was. In the streets Cholet, emblematic Vendéen city, by the end of 1793, wolves were about the only living things left, roaming freely and feeding on the piles of decomposing corpses.

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