Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do the math

I'm no good at arithmetic, which is why these kinds of things don't often keep me awake at night.

I don't think most Muslims are "extremists" or "murderers." I'd say that real, genuine "radical Islamists" who dance around whooping with glee when some psychopath flies a plane into a skyscraper in the name of Allah, probably only make up 10-15% of Muslims.

Unfortunately, that small number, in a world that has over a billion Muslims, adds up to over 100 million fanatically evil people.

Which is why I'm glad that other people, people whom I know from personal experience are really good at maths, are taking care of this issue.

Now, the latest from Pat Condell

"Now technically, that's not racist of them, because Islam is not a race, so that's OK then. But anyone who criticises it is a racist because language means whatever we want it to mean in the topsy-turvy world of multicultural hypocrisy where everyone in the West is automatically guilty of crimes committed by their ancestors, should be deeply ashamed of their identity and spend their whole lives apologising for it."

(Just in case "Anastasia" was starting to think I was neglecting her education.)

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