Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whew! Glad that's over

Binky has stopped linking to me for the moment and we can get back to normal.

It was very strange to see the site stats go bursting through the roof. A bit like inviting a friend over for tea and discovering he had brought the entire village with him and you don't have enough cake forks or chairs.

It made me nervous; all day I wanted to tell everyone to go away and stop looking at me. I write this thing on the assumption that I am writing it for about five or six readers a day, the ones I know and have had tea/got drunk with. The idea that other people, whom I don't know, come round and watch us while we're in here gives me the creeps. Like discovering that the walls of your cottage, that you thought were brick and plaster, were actually cleverly contrived one-way glass and all the world is watching you as you loaf about on the sofa reading the Oldie and cackling at the jokes.

I have to say it gave me the supreme willies when Steyn linked to me in April. Yeesh. Who would ever want to be famous?


Now, I've got some lovely pics of Beeston Castle for y'all, and a bit of history of that very interesting place. But first I have to get on the bike and ride over to Tarporley, the next village that has a bank, and pay some bills. It's ten miles there and back, so don't expect too much out of me today.

Go read a book, or have a conversation with a loved-one.

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